Upcoming Projects

Distribution of educational materials: ongoing

Holocaust in Farsi: distribution of books to Universities, institutions and Farsi speaking individuals in the Middle East, North America and other population centers. The four volume series includes:    

  • Man’s Inhumanity to Man
  • America’s Response to the Holocaust
  • The World’s Response to the Holocaust
  • End of the Holocaust and Liberation of Nazi Camps and the Genocides of the Last 100 Years

Books in preparation:

  • Holocaust in Farsi- a 300 page paperback outlining the Holocaust in Farsi designed for maximum impact and affordable distribution.

  • KNOW HATE – promotes an understanding of the origin and nature of hate and a culture of mutual acceptance and respect.  To KNOW HATE is the first step to NO HATE .
  • Hagada shel HaShoah in English / Farsi and Hebrew – a brief overview of the Holocaust appropriate for children and families.

Additional projects in need of support:  films and web based educational materials.

  •  The Holocaust Project- A film providing a comprehensive history of the Holocaust, in Farsi and with subtitle in English and Arabic, geared specifically to dispel a campaign of misinformation perpetuated among Farsi and Arabic speaking people who genuinely believe the Holocaust never happened.  This well-documented, film dispels the beliefs of an entire generation that has been brought up to believe the Holocaust never happened.

  •  Docu series- The Holocaust in Farsi; a one hour award winning documentary about Dr. Babaknia and the publication of The Holocaust in Farsi books.  Distributed through Indigo films, the film will be aired internationally on channels such as BBC, National Geographic, PBS and in the Middle East.  Film to premier at high profile locations such as The Museum of Tolerance,  the Directors Guild of America, The United Nations, Yad Vashem in Israel as well as Washington DC & London.  

  • Genocide & Holocaust Educational materials accessible via the use of social media and web based educational systems in Farsi and Arabic. 
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