About The Author

Dr. Ardeshir Babaknia

Ari Babaknia, M.D.


Ari Babaknia, M.D. is a Johns Hopkins trained physician who is currently the Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board of the Los Angeles Center for Women’s Health. In addition to his publications in the medical field, his work includes few books related to the Judaism in Farsi:


  • Jewish Contribution to Human Civilization 1972

  • Jewish Winners of the Nobel Prize 1992

  •  In the past fifteen years Dr. Babaknia has dedicated his life and efforts in writing and editing an extensive 4 volumes historical documentary account chronicling the different aspects of Holocaust in Farsi:

Book 1: The Holocaust: “Man’s Inhumanity to Men"
Book 2: America’s Response to the Holocaust
Book 3: The World’s Response to the Holocaust
Book 4: End of the Holocaust and liberation of the Nazi camps, Documents, Personalities and Events Around the Holocaust

Dr. Babaknia has recently completed a book in English: "Humanity Not", which aims to capture and convey the emotions experienced during the Holocaust by both victims and perpetrators.

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